Performance since inception as at 31 Oct 23: 4.7% pa

Quality + value = QV Equities

QV Equities (ASX: QVE) delivers a consistent, quarterly income stream for shareholders, while also aiming for capital growth over time.

QVE is a Listed Investment Company (LIC) managed by IML. QVE invests in high-quality, good value companies listed on the ASX outside the top 20.

Annual General Meeting

You are invited to join the Board for the QVE AGM at 10am on 25 October 2023. The Investment Manager, will also provide a portfolio update.

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What should you expect if you invest with QVE?

Consistent income, growing over time1

QVE aims to pay a quarterly fully franked dividend, which gives Australian investors additional income through tax offsets or refunds. QVE shareholders received a gross yield of 7.9%2 for financial year 2023, including franking credits.

Portfolio Diversification

As QVE invests only outside the ASX top 20, it provides diversification benefits for investors who already invest in the largest Australian companies.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
1 Refers to income. More about QVE’s dividends [link to: Dividend History tab if possible].
2 Calculated on the closing share price on 30 June, 2023

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